• Photography Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Retouching
  • Typography

Boot and backdrop photography by Jon Shard

2017 would see the end to the Umbro Medusae football boot, to celebrate the final season of the product an all black, limited edition version of the boots was produced.

The sleek all-black design was a nod to the origins of the Medusæ Pro. Built from a desire to combine the best elements of classic leather boots such as the Umbro Speciali, with the benefits of modern lightweight speed designs, the Medusæ had been a hit on the pitch with players such as Pepe of Real Madrid and Portugal.

The concept behind the final boot campaign was to show the previous colour of the boot draining away to reveal a raw and colourless version of the shoe.

The production of the campaign required a hands on approach using practical effects to produce a series of bleeding colour backdrops. these were made using a variety of inks, paints and washes layered together to create a distinct composition.

The final artwork was built in collaboration with retouchers in order to compose a unique and stylish backdrop which the boots could sit on. The artwork would see use over digital platforms and in print.